Week 2 Work-Out Recap.

Thursday, July 27. [Group Run]

I joined RacePace for another group run at their location on Taylor St. in the Heights. This time, I completed 2 miles in about 35 minutes. I’m still working on my breathing pattern, placing more focus on my calves. When my legs began to “burn”, I slowed down and stopped to stretch them out. Maybe it’s best to startout at 1-2 miles to get my legs used to running rather than trying to jog/walk for 3 miles. Baby steps, right?

The weather was very hot and humid, and I’m still not used to running in it. My body definitely needs to acclimate to running outside. Running on the treadmill is definitely easier since the temperature and elevation is controlled. However, marathons don’t happen indoors.

I used the Strava app for the first time and it did not work very well for me. If I’m walking too slow, the app doesn’t think I’m moving. I’ve come to a conclusion that depending on the GPS location of my phone is not accurate enough when trying to track my run.

Mood: Hot. Just feeling hot.

Total: 1 day.

This week was definitely a low for me, and publicizing this for everyone to see is a little embarrassing but really motivates me to work out more.


~ gwinger