Fleet Feet.


When getting into running, I’ve heard that it’s best to start out with good pair of running shoes for optimum comfort and to prevent injury. I had no idea on which running shoe would suit me best, so, last Sunday I decided to visit Fleet Feet, a local shoe store in Houston. One of the store assistants, Jake, was super helpful. He answered all of my questions and made sure that I wasn’t rushed when picking the perfect pair.

First, Jake directed me to walk in a straight line while he observed my feet. It was determined that I have over-pronating feet: mine appear to have a normal arch, but once I walk or run, my arch collapses. Basically = flat feet. Thus, I will need good arch support.

The next thing was to make sure I was wearing the correct size shoes. Luckily, I am!  I’m a Size 6 with wide feet. With as many heels and flats that my feet have tried squeezing  into,  that was no news to me.

Jake gave me 4 different pairs, instructing me to walk and run around the store, and if I wanted to, I could go outside and give ’em a try. He also noted that I should wear one shoe on one foot and a different one on the other. My verdict:

  • asics: I could barely fit my foot in the shoe. Once Jake saw my struggle and discomfort when putting it on, he told me to take it off immediately. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry any wide sizes that were in my size.
  • Saucony: There was a lot of cushion all around the shoe. However, when I ran, the bottom seemed really stiff. Maybe I’m just used to Nike Free’s, but I didn’t feel like the Saucony formed with my foot as I ran.
  • Brooks: The shoes fit like a glove. It wasn’t too tight or too loose. They doesn’t seem too heavy while running either. There was also enough flexibility in the sole.
  • New Balance: The comfort level was really similar to the Brooks. The only issue that I really had were the laces. If I wanted to use a runner’s lace lock (which I learned from Jake), I was constantly struggling with tying them up since the laces were so short. 

In the end, I went home with a brand-spanking-new pair of Brooks GTS 17 and a pair of Balega socks.

I’ll definitely follow up on my first experience running with them.


~ gwinger