Week 1 Work-Out Recap.

Monday, July 17. [Treadmill]

This is was the first time on a treadmill in over a year. I completed 1.85 miles at zero elevation, jogging at 4.0-4.5 mph and walking around 2 mph. Pressing buttons and trying to find a good speed was quite challenging for me. I guess it’s better than running in the summer heat right now.

Mood: Better than expected, but stopped early because my stomach wasn’t feeling too good.

Wednesday, July 19. [Upper Body]

3 sets x 10 reps.
Dumbbell Curl. 10 lbs.
Lat Pulldown. 45 lbs.
Underhand Cable Pulldown. 45 lbs.
Tricep Pushdown. 25 lbs.
Pectoral Fly. 20 lbs.

1 mile on the treadmill at zero elevation, jogging at about 4.0-5.0 mph and walking at 2.5 mph.

Mood: Tired, but it felt like a productive work-out.

Thursday, July 20. [Group Run]

RacePace hosts a group run every Thursday at Holler Brewery. I gave myself another try at a 5K distance, but my body was not ready for the changes in elevation at the Bayou trail. The more I ran, the more my calves just burned. I felt like my muscles were cramping up or my legs just wanted to give out from under me. My friends have suggested that I stretch more, hydrate more, and keep running.

Another frustrating aspect during my run were my strides. I’m not sure what is considered a “good stride.” I feel like my strides are too small, yet, when I do take longer ones, I feel like I’m using up way too much energy.

Using the Nike+ Run Club app on Android has been very unreliable. The app cannot capture my location correctly, thus I cannot view my stats. Endomondo has recorded my runs more accurately, but I would like to see more details, such as pace per individual mile. After chatting with some runners in the group, they suggested I download Strava (and add them as friends as well.)

Mood: Defeated. My upper body felt so sore.

Total: 3 days.

How did you cope with muscle aches? How did you find your stride?


~ gwinger